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Wholesale Distribution

The key to a transformed distribution business that delivers a quality customer experience is providing a truly omnichannel process.  This means delivering a consistent customer shopping experience for the consumer, with an accurate, complete, damage-free, easily returned, and competitively priced order shipped for free within a day or two.

NetSuite will allow you to meet these 21st-century consumer demands while improving your efficiency and adding to your bottom line. With NetSuite, you can manage every part of your wholesale distribution business through a single platform that seamlessly connects all of your business operations.

Traditional distribution models are rapidly changing.  Many consumers are beginning to buy directly from wholesalers and manufacturers using Ecommerce websites and self-service tools that give them instant access to product information through their mobile devices.

67 Solutions can put our experience to work for you.  We can help guide you through the process of leveraging NetSuite to allow you to manage your company’s unique requirements with the automation you need.

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