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CSV File Handler

We found many of our clients leveraging the excellent CSV import facilities in NetSuite.  The problem was, they needed a way to store files in a directory structure and have them automatically consumed on a set schedule without manual intervention.  This excellent and flexible tool alleviates this problem!


InterCompany Transaction Automator

NetSuite has excellent facilities for automating InterCompany transactions from the manual and arduous processes Finance Teams suffer through before they implement NetSuite.  That said, we identified an opportunity to extend this functionality with a tool that automates the entire process.  If you utilize NetSuite for InterCompany transactions, then you will definitely want to implement this tool before your next month’s end!

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WorkFlow Approvals Tool

Most of our clients leverage the powerful workflow tools within NetSuite.  On request, we have developed an accelerator tool that sends an email to approvers as per the workflow logic, requesting approval or denial of the request via the click of a hyperlink.  This can be completed without signing in to NetSuite and is easily accomplished from any device you can receive an email on!


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